Template — Handout design inspired by Ed­ward Tufte

Example by The Tufte-LaTeX Developers

Edward Tufte is a pioneer in the field of data visualization, and his works inspired the creation of two LaTeX classes for books and handouts.

Here we present the excellent sample handout produced by the The Tufte-LaTeX Developers pre-loaded into writeLaTeX for you to use as a starting point for your own work.

Simply click on the image above to use writeLaTeX to create and edit your handout - there's nothing to install and no sign up required. When you're finished, why not use our integrated publish to figshare option to publish your work freely online.

Click here if you'd like to try the corresponding Tufte book design in writeLaTeX.

PS: If you're new to LaTeX, our free online LaTeX course covers all the steps you need to get you started.