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About our Advisor Programme

How can you help?
What's in it for you?
  • A free Overleaf Pro+ account
  • Goodies, such as t-shirts, silly putty, pens, and stickers!
  • Optional early access to new features before they’re public
  • Be featured as an Advisor on our website
  • Looks great on your C.V.
  • Open invitation to visit the Overleaf office and meet the team, if you're passing through London
  • Prizes for Advisors who do amazing things!

How do I Apply?

Just complete and submit the form below. Please tell us a bit about yourself, why you'd like to be an advisor, and what your first activity as an advisor would be. We'll then contact you to discuss what happens next. We look forward to hearing from you!


Overleaf is perhaps the best professional thing that's happened to me. I use your website for every single set of (skeletal) notes, exams, and quizzes for all my classes. I also type all my research papers up in Overleaf. I love the instant compilation and split-screen view. I also love the tag system, so I don't have to sort files by folders. Lastly, I like the different templates offered, which I use for letters of recommendation. In short, if I TeX it, then I use Overleaf.

Alexander Halperin, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Salisbury University
Full interview can be found in this blog post

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