Amazing things you've done with LaTeX

This tweet by @arunsethuraman prompted many of you to share your experiences using LaTeX - here are a selection of our favourites! We'll also be featuring some longer stories in a series of posts starting later this week, so stay tuned!

You also commented on the benefits of using LaTeX for large projects, including Jan Moren, who completed his 160 page PhD thesis in LaTeX, remarking "Would have gone nuts trying to organize references and getting special notation right across multiple chapters without it.". In a similar experience, Richard Green comments that, when writing his 327-page book in LaTeX, "It would have been horrible to deal with the index, the bibliography and the referencing of results without LaTeX. I used TikZ for the pictures."

Earlier this month, Mikhail Klassen shared his experiences of using WriteLaTeX for Research; if you're keeping a research diary or log book you might want to check it out!

Finally, our favourite example is one of long distance collaboration from our facebook page:

"Just finished writing a conference paper with colleagues 7500 miles (12,000 km) away. Thanks writeLaTeX!" - Matthew Noyes, 8th April 2013.

Tweet to @writeLaTeX if you can beat it!

With thanks to @arunsethuraman, @pickleswarlz, @byuhobbes, @kaythaney, Matthew Noyes, Jan Moren and Richard Green for their contributions