Free online 'Introduction to LaTeX' course - Part 1

One of the founders of writeLaTeX (Dr John Lees-Miller) recently delivered a short introductory LaTeX course at Bristol University. We're pleased to be able to offer this course online at writeLaTeX for free!

The first two parts cover four main areas with accompanying exercises:

  • The Basics
  • Structured Documents
  • Figures & Tables
  • Bibliographies

In Part 1 we'll take you through the basics of how LaTeX works, explain how to get started, and let you try out some simple typesetting examples using writeLaTeX.

The interactive pdf lecture notes are provided below. Simply click the appropriate links in the document to open the exercises in writeLaTeX and complete them as you progress through the slides.

Intro to LaTeX Part 1 Cover
You can now upload larger files - we've lifted the document limits!

Using writeLaTeX is now even easier! We've increased the MB upload limits on ALL your documents to allow you to upload large files. We've also created a single measure of your usage - your writeLaTeX storage quota. To get more space, all you need to do is invite people - you'll both get a bonus when they sign up!

Invite your friends, get free space!

It's as easy as that! You can get up to 1GB for free simply by inviting your friends & colleagues!

WriteLaTeX Referrals Screenshot

WriteLaTeX featured on Slashdot

Yesterday (on Valentine's Day!), was featured as a story on — a real milestone in raising awareness! Thanks to all the subsequent vistors, and especially to those who've been in touch with suggestions and ideas :)

Save and Restore Feature Launched

You now have the ability to save versions on writeLaTeX. Use the 'history' menu in the editor to access this feature - simply name a version and hit enter to save the current version of your work

WriteLaTeX Save and Restore Version History Feature

Online compiling of TikZ gallery examples

Since today there’s a new feature in the TikZ example gallery: all TikZ examples are connected to an online compiler, done in a cooperation between and

On each example page and also in the gallery views, you can see [TeX] and [PDF] buttons for downloading. Now there are new links: [Open in writeLaTeX]. Just a single click and you will land in the online editor which shows the code on the left side, and the output preview on the right side, automatically compiled in realtime.

For more information read the full article by Stefan Kottwitz.

Below is a screenshot of a TikZ example opened in writeLaTeX; underneath is the TeXample gallery with the [Open online] option on each thumbnail.