Guest blog post: LaTeX for the humanities
Lars Christian Jensen, Department of Design and Communication, University of Southern Denmark

In this Guest Post, Lars Christian Jensen of the Department of Design and Communication at the University of Southern Denmark shares his insight and experience of using LaTeX within the humanities and offers some helpful guidance for encouraging colleagues and co-authors to give LaTeX a try.

Cartoon showing a researcher confused by LaTeX

Image credit: Nathalie Schümchen

Tip of the Week: LanguageTool—a free browser add-on to check your grammar and spelling
Guest blog post by Daniel Naber (creator of LanguageTool)

In this tip, Daniel Naber explains how the free LanguageTool browser add-on can be used with Overleaf to check your spelling and grammar.

Screenshot showing the LanguageTool browser plugin being used in the Overleaf editor.
Tip of the Week: Code Folding
By Ryan Looney

If you're working on large documents, and want to hide some of your code to make it easier to navigate, you can!

Code-folding of chapters and parts on Overleaf
Tip of the Week: Speed up compile time
By Ryan Looney

If your project is taking a long time to compile, or reaching compile timeout limits, here are some suggestions to speed things up.

Slides and videos from the recent celebration of Don Knuth’s 80th birthday
By John Hammersley

Donald Knuth’s 80th birthday on January 10, 2018 was celebrated by two events in Piteå, Sweden: the scientific symposium "Knuth80: Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Information" in honour of Don’s career-long efforts, followed by the world premiere of Fantasia Apocalyptica, a multimedia work for pipe organ and video written by Don himself.