The University of Edinburgh provides premium Overleaf accounts to students and faculty

By Mary Anne Baynes

The University of Edinburgh and Overleaf have partnered to provide all the university’s students, faculty and staff with Overleaf Pro+ accounts.

The University of Edinburgh School of Engineering is providing the University of Edinburgh community with innovative scholarly authorship technology via premium Overleaf accounts and a custom University of Edinburgh authoring portal on Overleaf:

Screenshot showing the University of Edinburgh authoring portal on Overleaf.
University of Edinburgh authoring portal.

University of Edinburgh students, researchers, faculty, and staff benefit from easy sign-up for their premium accounts, a collaborative authoring platform, easy-to-use writing templates, and LaTeX authoring support.

Dr Antonis Giannopoulos from the School of Engineering, says:

“It is really great to have the opportunity to try Overleaf! In Engineering LaTeX is a very important tool used in many forms of academic writing. The cloud-based LaTeX solution offered by the Overleaf platform will make the process of collaborative authoring with my students, colleagues in the School and with research partners in other Universities a lot simpler and much more efficient.”

John Hammersley, Co-founder and CEO of Overleaf says:

“Overleaf has been strongly adopted in engineering communities around the world, and it’s exciting to see the Edinburgh School of Engineering being proactive in supporting Overleaf on campus. This will help to promote collaboration both internally within the School, and more widely across disciplines and with other universities. It’s also nice from our team's perspective, as one of our developers is based in Edinburgh!”

For questions on this new Overleaf partnership and integration, please contact Mary Anne Baynes, CMO, Overleaf.

Mary Anne Baynes


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